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Vatican City Tours, welcome!

We would like to offer our services to you and your family to be your
official private tour guide while visiting Rome and the Vatican. While visiting our website we would like you to feel the excitement of visiting the Vatican by creating your own customized tour with an official licensed private tour guide.

All guides at
Vatican City Tours are Private Official Rome and Vatican Tour guides that are committed to providing guests with the chance to see and feel the passion of the Vatican through one of our many tailor-made guided tours.

As you browse through our pages you will find information on our
private tours of the Vatican, private Vatican Museums tour, private Sistine Chapel tour, private Vatican Gardens tour, learn about the Papal Audience and private Vatican tour. Along with this, we hope you enjoy our Official Vatican Guide and learn which accommodation near the Vatican is best for your family.

Our official private guides want you to embrace the Vatican through the many wonderful attractions while learning about the history, artwork, and secrets that many miss. Many people visit the Vatican every year but leave without lingering in the museums or the gardens long enough to soak in the beauty and culture that is all around. The goal of our private tours is to ensure that all of our visitors have the chance to see all there is to see at the Vatican while absorbing a bit of the passion that is behind these Medieval and Renaissance walls.

We at Vatican City Tours take pride in
offering the best quality and most satisfying guided tours with knowledgeable and professional guides that have your desires in mind. Each guide is a licensed professional official English-speaking guide, however upon request we also have guides that speak other languages.

Along with offering many different guided tours of the Vatican, we also provide tailor-made itineraries.

We are looking forward to meeting you and providing you with a tailor-made itinerary so you can experience the Vatican, as it should be visited with a private tour so you can linger and explore without the crowd.

One last thing, the Vatican has a strict dress code. No one may enter with bare shoulders or clothing above the knee men and women alike.


We cannot wait to greet you in Rome and provide you with a private tour of the Vatican!

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